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ISO Consulting

Infomatics Consultancy provides one of the most comprehensive suite of ISO management system consulting services. Our ISO consulting in Middle East are considered to be one of the best in terms of quality of service, time of project execution and value for money.

Our ISO consultant in Middle East provide ISO consulting in Dammam, Khobar, Riyadh, Jeddah, Makah, Medina and all the cities in Kingdom of Middle East (KSA).

We provide ISO consulting services that covers everything your company needs to implement an effective quality, environment, health safety, food safety, information security, laboratory management or any other sector specific management system.

Today when the business environment has become so dynamic and competitive, you always need to reinvent your business processes while improving your efficiency and effectiveness. At this critical point, an expert ISO consultant from our company will make sure you plan, implement, monitor and improve your business strategies and management systems with right kind of tools and techniques.

Our ISO consulting services covers the following.

Gap Analysis: to establish a baseline and compare your business / processes / activities with respective ISO standard like ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 ISMS, ISO 2000 ITSMS, ISO 28000, SCMS, ISO 50001 EnMS, ISO 22000 HACCP FSMS, ISO 29001 API etc.

Training: We shall identify various training needs for your employees and conduct various trainings like awareness training, implementation training, documentation training, and internal auditor training, lead auditor trainings.

Documentation: Our ISO consultants have a very unique documentation mechanism which results in a lean ISO documentation. We make sure that the entire documentation becomes a value adding exercise and not a simple paper exercise. We believe very firmly that any document you make for ISO must add value to the organization. We make sure that our ISO documents helps the organization monitor the processes and business more effectively.

Implementation: We prepare a detailed project plan for implementation and help your organization identify a core team for implementation. We make sure that we work very closely with this team and make the entire implementation process very smooth and value adding. We plan and conduct required number of trainings, workshops and interactive sessions to help your organization implement the best practices.

Internal Audit: Internal audit is a very powerful tool that ISO standards have got to help an organization monitor the effectiveness of the ISO management systems. Companies that implement Internal Audit requirements with focus and dedication while conducting internal audits rigorously, get the best of the benefits of the system. We can conduct internal auditor training for your company / your team to help them become internal auditors who will conduct regular internal audits of their processes cross functionally. If you want, you can also outsource your internal audit function to us and our expert ISO auditors will carry out internal audit for your company at regular interval. We will not only conduct the audits but also help you close the audit observations to ensure you improve your compliance level and management system performance continually.

Pre-assessment Audit: Once implementation is over and your organization is ready for final certification audit, we carry out pre-assessment audit for your organization. The objective of the pre-assessment audit is to assess overall implementation effectiveness and identify any opportunities for improvement. This audit is as strict and as exhaustive as final certification audit…probably more than that. Intention of this kind of in-depth of audit is to ensure that no compliance requirement gets unaddressed and the organization is completely – 100% ready for final certification audit. Another benefits it brings in is a replica of final certification audit so your team / your employees gets a flavour of what to expect during the final certification audit and can improve on their performance as an auditee during the actual certification audit.

Final Certification Audit: If you wish, we may assist your organization to select the most appropriate certification body or you can select the one you want to get certified from. If required by your organization we depute one of the consultant to your office / factory / site at the time of audit to provide any assistance your company needs during the audit. We also assist in closing any audit observations and ensure successful completion of the audit.

Once you are certified, our association does not end. We provide a variety value added services post certification to help your organization demonstrate continued compliance to the ISO standards. We provide refresher trainings, gap analysis, documentation assistance, internal audits and consulting visits after you get certified at a regular interval as per requirement of your company so that you get the best of the benefits from the ISO Standards.

If you want to hire an ISO consultant in Saudi, you can contact us at . We provide services in Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Khobar, Makah, Medina and the entire KSA for ISO consulting.

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