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What Is ISO Audit?

An ISO audit is a systematic, independent, and documented process for evaluating an organization's adherence to ISO standards, ensuring compliance, identifying areas for improvement, and enhancing overall performance. ISO audits are essential for organizations seeking ISO certification or maintaining their certification. They objectively assess the organization's processes and quality management systems.

  1. Internal Audit (First-Party Audit)

    An organization's internal team conducts internal audits to assess its management systems and compliance with ISO standards. These audits are essential for identifying areas for improvement and ensuring ongoing compliance.

  2. External Audit (Second-Party Audit)

    External audits are typically performed by customers, partners, or other interested parties. They assess a supplier's ability to meet contractual and regulatory requirements. These audits help build trust and transparency between organizations.

  3. Third-Party Audit: (Certification Audit)

    Third-party audits are conducted by independent certification bodies or auditors who assess an organization's systems against ISO standards. Successful third-party audits lead to ISO certification, a recognized mark of excellence.

  4. Surveillance Audit

    After achieving ISO certification, surveillance audits are conducted regularly to ensure ongoing compliance and assess the effectiveness of the organization's management systems.

What Is ISO Audit?

At ISO Gov, we offer various services to support your organization through every stage of the ISO audit process.

  • Pre-Audit Preparation

    We help you prepare for ISO audits by conducting internal audits, identifying areas of non-compliance, and developing corrective action plans.

  • External Audit Support

    Our experienced consultants assist your organization during external audits, ensuring a smooth and successful audit process.

  • Certification Assistance

    If you're seeking ISO certification, we provide comprehensive support, from developing management systems to coordinating with accredited certification bodies.

  • Surveillance Audit Readiness

    We help you maintain ISO compliance by preparing for surveillance audits, conducting internal reviews, and ensuring ongoing improvement.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Our commitment doesn't end with certification. We support you in continually enhancing your management systems and achieving excellence.

Let Us Do Your ISO Audit

If you're preparing for an ISO audit, seeking certification, or in need of ongoing support to maintain ISO compliance, contact ISO Gov. Our experienced team is dedicated to assisting your organization to achieve and exceed ISO standards, ensuring transparency, trust, and excellence in your operations.

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